Notey Connect Fair Use Policy

Notey Fair Use Policy

Last updated: Oct 16, 2022
Fair use limits applying to On-demand and Enterprise Subscribers

This Fair Use Policy (FUP) forms an integral part of the agreement between you and Notey Ltd, as applicable, that governs your use of Notey software and services. This policy is also referred to as our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). Capitalized terms used but not defined below, shall have the meaning outlined in the agreement. If you do not agree with this FUP, do not use any of Notey software or services. The limits outlined below apply solely to current plans, while legacy plans are subject to the legacy fair use policies. 

If your Service Order includes different limits from any of the limits below, then the limits from the Service Order shall prevail.

Traffic limits
In order to maintain a balanced, robust, and highly-performing infrastructure, each account is subject to the following limits: 
Total API Calls
Maximum Quota
Unit of Measure
Views per month
Calls per month
Extra API views or calls will be billed at $35 / 1,000,000 views or calls respectively per month. 

Note that traffic limits can only be exceeded if your organization has a valid credit card or other accepted payment method on record. 

Please note that use of Notey is subject to system limits to ensure uninterrupted functioning of the service infrastructure. If your service usage exceeds the limits listed above, we reserve the right to take corrective action, including but not limited to the throttling of our APIs, temporarily suspending or - when other options are unavailable - terminating your account. 

If you require higher limits, please contact a dedicated account manager or reach out to our Customer Success Team to discuss the available options. 

Contact Us
If you have any questions about this Fair Use Policy, please contact us or for Chinafy users.

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